as you know im a 114 yr old bachelor

despite what some have suggested, im not resisting anything, nor am i against commitment.

but one thing i really dont look forward to is wedding / engagement / reception photos

which is weird because one of my favorite blogs of all time is Leah’s wedding photography blog

where she and her business partner shows off their amazing skillz

the other day i saw these pics that at first seem like typical flowerly sticky sweet pre-wedding snaps

and then turns a corner that made me seriously smile from ear to ear.

he photographer is Amanda Rynda who during a Tumblr blog comment thread said it was all the groom’s idea.

“I shot this engagement session for my awesome friends Juliana & Ben. Here’s a link to my tumblr. It’s not as updated as it should be. :) ,” she commented.

“It was Ben’s idea! He wanted to make sure his manliness wasn’t lost in an engagement session. :) Juliana styled it, I staged, shot & edited it. It was a super fulfilling & creative day for me thanks to Juliana & Ben and their unique view on love,” she added.

i know resistance is futile. i just hope that who ever gets stuck with me would be up for something that funny for those types of pictures.

photos by Amanda Rynda