you should think about babe ruth more

apple got the last laugh i thinkno one can see the future but i thought one thing the e true hollywood story and cribs has taught us all of these years is that

your popularity will go up and down

dont pretend that you’ll always have three benzes in your driveway with spinning rims

so dont burn any bridges

and dont be a prick when youre on top

because people are more than ready for you on the way back down to earth.

they may even help you come back down, more than they helped you get on up.

people are interesting in that way.

i think about babe ruth all the time.

the boston red sox had babe ruth on their team for a while and then traded him to their rivals the new york yankees.

i think about babe ruth because i think, what do i have that i might be trading away for something thats not as special as it should be.

am i trading away freedom?


are those little bambinos that im giving to the evil empire?

my youth? my time? my energy? my amazing spirit?

am i trading them away for less than precious opportunities and products?

we can laugh at the red sox all we want but i bet you that what they did almost 100 years ago

is a lesson we are still struggling to learn today.

is there a left handed powerhitting pitcher in your life that you’re even thinking about mishandling?

then think again cowboy.