Todd Martens spins the perfect Sunday gospel song

talk about synchornicity. just last night ali and i were talking about punk rock

and sin

and how so much of real punk rock is very far removed from the stereotype.

how the clash was so much softer in delivery than those influenced by them.

and how people forget that to be punk is something internal

it’s not a fashion trend.

thankfully. which is why johnny rotten wore his grammas sweaters.

im not sure if his blog is secret or not so i wont link to it but lets just say that it was a beautiful coincidence that this morning he wrote about joe strummer and presented

“The Sound of Sinners”, a track i’d want to hear the Pogues cover, but for now we’ll make due with the Clash.

After all this time
To believe in Jesus
After all those drugs
I thought I was Him
After all my lying
And a-crying
And my suffering
I ain’t good enough
I ain’t clean enough
To be Him

Dear Tony, Q how come girls be so crazy?

Dear Tony,  Congratulations on your 10th with the bblog. West Texas here asking, how do you do it?

You’ve been online for 10 years in a very public way. But I never read any of your ex’s write trash about you.

And I can’t recall you writing any trash bout any of them.

Am I the only one with the crazy women? 

– Hook em Horns

Hola Tex

Yes you’re the only one. :)

Here’s how I approach it. We’re the crazy ones. We really expect these beautiful, intelligent, creative, powerful ladies

to not only want to show us their hearts and share their adventures, but actually get turned on when we say and do what we say and do?

We don’t cook, we don’t clean, we don’t look good in a skirt, we don’t read, we don’t dance.

And most of the time we pretend we don’t know what they want, but we do. And we don’t give that to them.

And then we call them crazy for not loving us?

So here’s how I look at it. God doesn’t want us running around with no love in our lives so he parachutes down an angel once in a while.

For some reason when they see our dull dough their hearts don’t sour. Suddenly our jokes are funny. Suddenly our touch isnt repulsive.

As long as you keep in mind that has nothing to do with you, you’re gold.

Like when you play the slot machines, you win when you realize you have zero control over  what appears on that screen.

Just keep drinkin and tippin and enjoy the music.

Step two. Trust that if it aint working out with a woman, its really just a signal that its time to move on.

When your pastrami turns, you don’t still make a sandwich with it. And you sure as hell dont pine away about the first day you saw it.

Aisle 7 ahhhhhh, across from the beer…

No you say guess I shoulda enjoyed more of it when I could of.

In truth my friend there are beautiful spirits everywhere whose hearts have miraculously not yet hardened to us.

I know it’s difficult to admit when things are over.

But every single book ends.

That’s what I’ve learned from reading.

dear klout, lemme get this straight

you are a social media company that gives scores to people based on their online presense

you track their activity and influence through various ways including having access to people’s accounts

so you can better track what they are doing and how their network responds to them.

therefore why on earth would you ask a savvy person for access to their

private photographs and video

that they have marked private on Flickr?

seems to me that if that is a dealbreaker, the people who would be most likely to say screw you klout

are those who should have the highest klout score

since only fools would give a new start-up access to anything someone would dare mark private.

why do you want peoples private materials anyways?

and why should that affect a number you attribute to someone’s public activity?

those are the questions i would ask if i was a professional question asker dude.

instead im just a middle finger holder upper.