hey its anti and tanky at old tony’s

anti and tanky

there was a time, not all that long ago, when it seemed like almost errryone had a blog

and they were all relatively awesome.

two of the more interesting characters from the beach communities were Anti and Big Tanky.

as time went on they became less interested in giving the world a glimpse of their lives

and you dont realize how much you have missed out until you catch up with them,

as i was able to do the other day at Old Tony’s in Redondo Beach.

im happy to report that one of the webs favorite couples are still living a life of marital bliss a short walk away from the crashing waves with the happiest dog you ever met, a rescue named Lola.

we talked about bloggers of old and those who have made impressive comebacks.

we drank and ate fried cheese logs

and walked around the charming and odd boardwalk.

i know if i lived by the beach id be bffs with anti and tanky so it was nice to hear crazy stories and tell a few.

old tonys

but the saddest tale they told me was that Old Tony’s is on shaky ground as the pier’s lease with the city is about to expire and locals fear that the new lease owners will raise the rent so high that they’d be forced to shutter.

the easy reader news did a story about it last month that i found last night that made me feel a little less nervous about the future of the divey bar with the greatest view and ambiance.

Councilman Steve Aspel said the city would not abandon Tony’s. But he also said that in order for the restaurant to obtain a long-term lease, the Trutaniches would have to commit to major capital reinvestment.

“We made it pretty clear that anyone who comes in there as a master leaseholder, they have to negotiate with Tony’s first,” Aspel said. “That is going to be one of the deal points. It’s not like anybody is anywhere close to saying let’s kick out Old Tony’s….Now, in a perfect world, we’d extend their lease, but in my mind the only way we are giving Tony’s a long-term lease is if they commit to upgrades. We want Tony’s to stay the way it is but we also want to make it better.”

Aspel said many of the people protesting the Tony’s leasehold situation hadn’t been at the restaurant in decades.

“I always ask, ‘When was the last time you were there?’” the councilman said. “A lot of the people who love Tony’s haven’t been there in 20 years. They love it for nostalgia. We want to make it a moving operation, not just a place people say they had their first date in 1985.”

Now that I think of it, I get a little twitchy when people say  thinks like we want you to stay the way you are, but we also want you  to be better. As if I am not always trying to be better?

I hadn’t been to Old Tony’s in years, and I don’t know if it was just awesome to catch up with Tanky and Anti, but it seemed to me that Old Tony’s was even better than before.

Great bartenders and waitstaff, delicious drinks, decent food, hard rock music, plasma screens showing the game, and 360 views of the ocean and the beach.

if i was the new masterlease holder id say Tony’s dont change a damn thing.