and now a very nice comment from a reader and an unrelated pic of a beautiful canadian girl

etienne on the beach waiting for me

theres two things that have kept this blog rolling for ten years

1. the unbelievable support and sweet comments from a wide variety of readers like you

2. canada

so here is an excerpt of a comment from mr. Derek Shanahan of vancouver bc

accompanied by a picture of young etienne of montreal quebec when she was chillin in chile

As someone who’s been blogging forever now, and met at least 500 bloggers in person, much less found and treasured a very long list of wonderful writers and innovators online over the years (…and started the largest personal blogger community for young adults in the world, with 18,000 personal bloggers), I can unquestionably say that this has been and remains my favorite blog in the world. It’s my blueprint for what great blogging is about.

The obvious thought leadership is one thing; the reliable and consistant posts, imagery, revolving headers, blogroll, money raising experiments, live blogging, topical variety…the list is endless. The other thing, though, is the courageous writing…the simple way you say incredibly introspective and accessible stuff.

thank you so much Derek.

people think once you hit a million readers, two million readers, a gazilion comments, or whatever that suddenly your self esteem probs go away. HA!

HA i say!

every nice word matters. it doesnt last long cuz the part of the brain that tells you youre an asshole dipwad never runs out of batteries. but it is very nice to read no matter what.

yes the newest redesign of the busblog does not accommodate some of the features you mentioned from the former incarnation like weird sidebars and new headers, and im done with the money making schemes. but im glad you appreciate the writing, which often gets overlooked when people talk about successful writing.

please canada can you just invade us already and get it over with.