as the guy is outside in the hurricane

he has the nerve to say that it’s “depressing to watch” people drive around

and run around

and streak in front of the Weather Channel cameras.

people who live on hurricane streets should not throw judgements.

in fact the only thing the streakers and walkers and drivers seem to be doing

is what we all should be doing every day, regardless of how much doom is in the forcast:

enjoying life.

which IS probably depressing to watch when if strays away from your predictable storyline

that the hurricane is so crazy that normal life currently doesn’t stand a chance.

how about this, how about instead of judging, you simply report.

“despite the strong winds and dangerous weather,

these people are turning their frowns upside down.”

to me, is a far more interesting tale.

the fact that it also happens to be true only adds to the story.