coolest thing i did in sin city?

hard rock vegas, the keith richards room

although the xbi was correct in putting me up in the keith richards room at the hard rock

the coolest place i went to was The Pinball Museum aka The Pinball Hall of Fame, a recommendation of Mr Matt Welch

its a huge space filled with pinball machines from the 50s to today.

crazy rare ones like this two-way pinball machine, all in perfect rows

most are playable and in perfect condition.


most of the games are either 25 cents for 3 balls or 50 cents for 3 balls, depending on the electronics.

but if your a master like moi you can get close to one of your old faves like Firepower and totally own in it 3 balls.

not sure who is behind this dreamland, but there were three guys in there totally fixing old machines

putting stronger flippers in there, better bumpers.

and even though playing them was so sweet, what surprised me were the memories that rushed back to me via the sounds.

sounds i hadnt heard in decades.

sounds that sent me directly to random arcades of my youth.

kids today with their nintendo DS’s and Sony PSPs and iphones will never understand all the mental notes you once had to have

regarding which driving range or 7-11 or magazine stand had video games

and what were the hours and were they cool about making change.

pinball museum even made change beautifully.

they had this machine where you gave it a $20 bill and it spit out 3 $5 bills and $5 of change.

in all my days i have never seen that.

i played a lot of games yesterday before hitting the road but my favorites were

Black Knight, Funhouse and the Star Wars pinball machine. ahhhhhhh.