dear klout, lemme get this straight

you are a social media company that gives scores to people based on their online presense

you track their activity and influence through various ways including having access to people’s accounts

so you can better track what they are doing and how their network responds to them.

therefore why on earth would you ask a savvy person for access to their

private photographs and video

that they have marked private on Flickr?

seems to me that if that is a dealbreaker, the people who would be most likely to say screw you klout

are those who should have the highest klout score

since only fools would give a new start-up access to anything someone would dare mark private.

why do you want peoples private materials anyways?

and why should that affect a number you attribute to someone’s public activity?

those are the questions i would ask if i was a professional question asker dude.

instead im just a middle finger holder upper.