happy birthday busblog

nothing in here is true on jeopardy

its 2:44am. hi. you’re 10 yrs old.

i was trying to make you a super special indepth retrospective of 10 freakin years of rock n roll

ive spent three days avoiding it.

i wanted it to be super wonderful super cool. outrageously indepth because who knows if there will be more of these.

ten years

of riding the big swell this blog caught almost from the word jump.

but what can one say: the busblog gave me everything.

dreams came true. every type of dream came true.

meeting cool people, getting cool stuff, creating interesting things,

climbing and climbing and ending up in places that were it not for this very blog, wouldnt have happened.

girls flew across the country to meet me.

people gave me thousands of dollars.

others gave me control of their most special thing.

all cuz of the busblog.

theres a guy somewhere i never met, who bought busblog.com just so it could be redirected here.

the list of super cool things that happened to me because of these ten years of typing into a dialogue box would never end.

so my brain the last few days was saying then dont even start.

but a HA – that has been the moral of this story.


write the things that are hard to write.

write the things youd only tell your BFF

write the things that no one has the guts to say.

tell the world all you wanna do is whisper sour nothings in a hot babes ear

but shes all my months booked.

tell the world its 251am and jay z and kayne are delivering the one two punch

busblog, you endless fountain of surprises.

i’ll tell you what i’ll do. for the rest of the week we will celebrate you, reminisce

and seriously sit in amazement  by what this weird thing  produced.

and what this weird thing will continue to produce.

i can honestly say i dont know if this will roll on for another ten years.

layne, welch, kitty, sk, flagrant, anti, the pants, none of them hung in there on their one, long lasting neverending url.

a few like xTx kept rolling, but the odds dont look good for the future. which is good. people should know that life is precious.

that Now is all there is.

and right now im gonna find a proper picture for the first happy birthday post of many, to you,

world famous busblawwwwwg