Hey Tony, you sure have been smiling a lot lately. What’s your secret?

me at Home

i know! right?

hopefully i was a smiler before you noticed a change, but i think id have to agree with you that funemployment agrees with me.

hanging with canadians will put a smile on your face. (try it!)

not wearing dress shirts and hard shoes definitely puts me at ease.

being wined and dined by fascinating companies ive never heard of is a huge (and much-needed) ego stroke.

and these last few days of getting free tickets to dodger games, cruising the coast to my favorite town

and then speeding through the desert to my second favorite city for a few days of all expenses paid consulting doesn’t hurt neither.

i do miss my old life, and friends, can’t lie.

but sometimes when a door opens,

a red carpet gets rolled out.

and its freaky as hell when its for dumb you.

photo by Sass