1. Thursday, August 4, 2011

    a former boss emailed me today 

    to say good job on my “gorgeous goodbye letter”.

    isnt that sweet? email is the best.

    wanna know what else is the best? email addresses that dont change, that are easy to remember.

    tony at tony pierce dot com for example.

    a long time ago someone said you should sell tonypierce.com email addresses.

    i was all, that is quite possibly the worst idea ive ever heard.

    who would want pedro@tonypierce.com

    and the person said, it would be kitchy, like how converse should sell @chucktaylor.com email addresses.

    so because im in a giving mood, and because i wanna prove my friend crazy

    for a limited time i will give away for free @tonypierce.com email address redirects.

    so if you have some crazy 7jy4hy8@msn.com address

    and you wanna change it to paul@tonypierce.com

    just email me the requested @tonypierce.com name and the email address you want it redirected to

    and i’ll hook it up.


    you must request your request from the email address in question, other than that, knock yourself out.