hi monday

summer fun day.

wake up whenever you want day.

but you wake up at 8am anyway.

i get to have lunch with one of my favorite blog pros today.

theres not a lot of people who can get as deep as this guy when talking inside blogging like he can, so it’ll be a treat.

everyones like enjoy this time off. relax. but hows a man supposed to relax?

even when we were breaking records i didnt relax.

best way to beat someone is to wait for them to relax.

myspace, yahoo, hotmail, they all relaxed.

i relax when i sleep. i sleep like a rock. im fairly good at not even dreaming cuz it disturbs the sleep.

if you dont dream you only need like 4-5 hours of sleep. last night i got 7. thats a lot for me.

i can relax at a movie, at a ball game, and when im writing to you


at work im constantly trying to figure out how our team can be the greatest on earth.

when youre born a Cub fan, sometimes your regular life is all about balancing out all that losing.

some would call it over compensating.