i need to get some bleacher bum sun shine next

i had some hollywood poolside sunshine today and it was pretty great.

super great. actually.

this european lady, frickin runway model type. not an ounce of plastic, sunbathed topless right next to us.

the bartender was asked by security, what should i do, theres kids around.

the bartender looked around, there were 20 hipsters, 15 models, and three kids.

bartender said, let me investigate.

finally the maitre-d (because there are those types of people in hollywood, poolside)  sat me and my former coworker in the chaise lounge/bed next to her

so the whole time i was looking at my friend and miss italy was just right over her shoulder

adjusting, applying oil, all the things women magically know how to do at the pool.

the kids didnt seem to mind.

nor the men floating by on little rafts. very casually.

life is a cabaret, old chum.

come to the cabaret.

anyways sunday i was at the ball game with my buddy pete. but we were in the super fancy VIP seats by the dugout.

and it was hot. and as you can see from the photo above, like Miss Firenze, when it is hot at a ball game, i take my shirt off.

i wasnt so sure the Dodgers, even though we were practically the only people in the park, wanted topless VIP customers

so i didnt take off my Tsar shirt.

Wrigley, however is a different beast. and i need that beast. soon. as in super soon.