1. Saturday, August 6, 2011

    karisa was all wake up sleepyhead 

    i was all call back later, i was having the most beautiful dream where

    and she was like blah blah blah all you do is dream.

    make something happen.

    i was all, but i just

    she was like and no more talking or even Thinking about the past

    move forward starting right now!

    so i hung up.


    next thing i knew i was ordering an eggs benedict at Home on hillhurst

    the gorgeous outdoor patio had just the right amount of light and shade.

    karisa said, you just want a plain eggs benedict?

    i didnt understand.

    not crab? she asked.

    and i thought there should be caddies in real life.

    sir are you sure you wanna get that life insurance?

    are you sure you want Another rum n coke with those australians?

    mojitos, as they often do, came up. karisa said there should be a 1800Dentists for drinks

    like you should either call them or theres an app and you say i want a damn good mojito in Koreatown

    Captain Jacks you say?

    for some reason today karisa was hating on her hair. i reached to touch it to see what her gripe was and she nearly broke my wrist.

    and i said if men really loved women, we’d learn how to do hair.

    and we clinked glasses.