krista was all i dont work there no more, you dont work there no more

how about we go to a swank hotel pool and just drink all after noon.

i was all nah i just wanna mope in my apartment with the drapes closed.

krista was like, really?

i was all j k to the max, should we go to the standard the w the standard the roosevelt the london

84 you say it felt a tad hotter than thatshe said whereevers good with you.

i was like, where would Kirsten Dunst go?

she said probably her own pool.

i was all great lets go to her house.

afterwards we went to the roosevelt.

hard to say it was anything other than perfect.

just the right amount of people. everyone super cool, no monkey business. every stool at the bar filled. everyone showing off their swim gear.

your boy had on a fresh new cubs hat, shorts and a hawaiian shirt.

krista had a few glasses of bubbly, i had one margarita after another and we talked about very fun things

like LA vs NY

and if we could write something on twitter right there with our feet dangling in the water that could get 100 retweets

then we realized our iphones had that very scary Temperature screen going on, basically saying um you left your phone in the sun and even though the very nice blackboard says its only 84, its so hot your bald head is sweating

thus your iphone needs some shade yo.

so we tucked our phones under the thick towels and dove into the pool.

so warm. so nice. people just floating around. euros being topless. people being cool trying not to stare. people failing.

for some reason our waitress wasnt filling our glasses as fast as we wanted so krista swam over to the other side of the pool and when she swam back there were new drinks.

what if work was like that.

sorry hun gotta swim over to accounting.