dear media matters, [updated]

this is not blogging.

i know you might say that what Fox Nation did here is also not blogging

because all they did was take chunks of stuff from other people, and slapped it in a blog post,

but we’re not talking about Fox Nation, or Murdoch, or any of the bottom dwellers,

we’re talking about you, an actual blog. unless you consider yourself a bottom dweller too.

in which case, carry on.

but i dont think you are, and i dont think the democrats who fund your operations do.

copying and pasting someone else’s content and then stealing a different person’s graphic is not blogging.

it’s not providing any intellectual or editorial take.

and it’s not advancing a conversation.

if you have some commentary about Fox Nation’s headline, or apparent opinion, then state it.

you get paid to write shit down. so write it.

copying and pasting is not a noble activity, even on a friday.

everyone knows that there are some intelligent creatures at your building capable of having an enlightened discussion about what was omg wrong with Fox saying that a private birthday party held at the White House and paid for by the First Couple “didn’t create jobs”.

did it or didnt it? tell us.

speaking of jobs, if yours is to shine the light on “conservative misinformation” then you have one of the easiest jobs of all time.

do that easy job.

you didnt do it on that post.

that was not blogging.

update 6:30pm: this is blogging