1. Monday, August 22, 2011

    my life has been a lot of lunches, brunches, and dinners 

    right in the middle of my sunday bible study i got a txt from yr girl saying


    i said how about at 3:30?

    she was all, will there still be brunch at 3:30?

    i was all, at Home they will.

    since i knew sass was terribly camera shy, i made sure i was fully prepared…

    sass at home

    home is an outdoor restaurant bar canopied with huge trees.

    its pretty great.

    sass at home

    she had these weird nachos, i had the crab benedict cuz im crabby

    and mimosas cuz thats what you should drink on sundays if youre not sipping lemonade.

    afterwards a photo shoot broke out

    sass in silver lake

    sass in silver lake

    sass in silver lake

    then we wanted to get drunk.

    in the grass.

    by lake.

    surrounded by hipsters and babies.

    sass in silver lake

    good thing there was a Meadow Party  happening at the Silver Lake Meadow

    sass handled opening the wine beautifully, and sophia put together the most beautiful dish

    sass in silver lake

    sass took more pics than i did.

    weird thing was, i wasnt hungry at the meadow party but after we left we became famished

    sass in chinatown

    and thats when i ate chinese food with a chinese girl in chinatown.