other day a longtime busblog reader asked ‘is karisa real’?

which might be the most perfect question one could write the author of a blog whose disclaimer is

nothing in here is true.

soon we will celebrate a milestone and many details will be over looked

as well as many important people who have contributed in more ways than none.

one person who probably will be overlooked is karisa

one of the biggest influences and editorial drivers to this piece.

and someone who early on said, dont put any nudes on that blog, you want people to be able to read it at work.

i was all, who cares about people at work?

she was like, i enjoy reading it at work.

thus the busblog has been usually rated pg-13.

so yes, karisa is unreal

because as you longtime readers know,

the best conversations reported here were with fictional creatures.

like escalators.

anyways, you know who else will probably be over looked? you, the commentors.

so for that, i apologize in advance.