smelly danielly hits it out of the park once again

this use to be us - smelly danielly

the general rule of thumb in blogging is when a hot babe gets a boyfriend she kills her blog.

usually its cuz men are jealous losers and get weirded out when their sig other still has the beacon out there saying here i am here i am.

when said woman gets hitched not only does her man influence her to pull the plug,

but oftentimes she loses her audience as well.

two looooooongtime bloggers i have been reading for years have ducked that sad trend.

leah over at has only blossomed as a young wife and mother and her site has only gotten better over time

and our pal smelly danielly up in vancouver bc didnt lose a step when she made chadly the luckiest man in town.

however scrolling through her post today i had to stop because she is SOOOOO RIGHT

and those tiny little truths are what personal blogging, to me, are all about.

which is why i wish more people, especially smart people, blogged.