sunset junction street festival canceled for 2011

terrible news today when the city of los angeles denied a permit to the non profit behind the 31 year old Sunset  Junction Street Festival.

a festival that happens in the City Council president’s district.

BFFs of the mayor.

And still its dead in the water?

longtime readers of the busblog know how important this festival is to residents of los feliz, silver lake, and east hollywood as it allows all the diverse cultures to intertwine over two days in a way thats subtle and beautiful.

bob forrest and flea in 2004

even though LA is overflowing with musicians, some of them even locals, it’s a surprising rare treat to see them playing outside at local festivals

juliette lewis in 2004

but that happens at sunset junction.

melrose larry green in 2004

actually a lot happens at sunset junction. people eat chicken on a stick and hear reggae, people nibble on churros and browse for tshirts,

you can get a Hep shot there, you can meet people you aint never met before.

you can dress exactly how you wanna dress

gay, straight,

in a gang, retired from your gang, hipster, poseur, tourist, didnt matter, everyone was welcome,

and everyone could play some carnival games and roam around Sunset Blvd.

look at how happy these drunken people are laughing at the sunset

does a tattoo exist if no one sees it?

even a cool one?

now im a crazy person, that cannot be denied.

but Los Angeles is a city in a huge financial crisis, right?

you’re telling me that even though Ticketmaster wrote a six figure check, the city still thinks that its a good idea NOT to allow a situation

where you can tax people on a weekend as they buy overpriced beers and slurpees in flower pots?

you want those people to go to anaheim or something?

or tax them as they buy stuff drunk on the streets of your fair city?

call me crazy but if i was the city id say look we will let the show go on under one condition:

whoever has been running it the last two three years has to step down on monday.

and that would give us the right signal that things seriously are going to change, like you’ll pay your bills and clean up afterwards.

but thats me, a crazy person, who enjoys walking to the best street fest in so cal.

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