thinking about staying in my room the rest of the day

from my room in the vegas hooters

and read.

only problem, my mind just keeps zipping around.

its not used to not having hundreds of emails to read, and fires to put out.

stomach isnt interested in eating.

no thirst.

fast car just wants to drive somewhere, but not here, and not home.

wants to go somewhere its wanted, loved. etc.


booze looks good on the night stand.

but its just watching out the sliding glass door at the pool.

last night it was all, i understand, men are supposed to always be the boulders in the river.

sure it will slowly wear you down, over eons, but the job is to remain steady, solid. indestructible.

cool under pressure. unflinching. confident. rugged.

so i drank a bunch of it so itd shut the heck up.

turned out it still had way more to discuss.