1. Saturday, August 13, 2011

    this feral cat started meowing me up 

    tony pierce?


    its me, Losty.

    you’re not Losty. plus Losty didn’t like me.

    no, yeah, its me. I always liked you. Lets go home.

    ahahah what happened to you?

    times are tough. even for cats. i end up in lots of fights. 

    i can barely pet you. your hair is hard from blood and crud.

    yep. come on. get me off these mean streets.

    mean streets? this is old town pasadena. toughest character i see is that old lady looking to recycle her Ensure can somewhere.

    omg shes a terror with that thing. shes got a good arm.

    a-choo. i think im allergic to you, fake Losty.

    no no, thats just pollen. lets go home.


    theres also coyotes!