this made my day

today was a fascinating interesting day where i wasnt being interviewed by some cool companies, but they were putting their feelers out

tomorrow i will go through this again with some others, and next week some more are scheduled.

but i blew it at dinner. big time. and now im so embarrassed.

sometimes people want the full tony, sometimes they just want me to smile and bust 1 PG-13 joke and thats it.

sometimes you think you know what they want, but i never do. even when i pre interview them.

anyways when i got home i saw this comment had been left by a former Times employee

and it made everything so much better. more proof that people should leave more comments, cuz they do have  the power to heal


I remember helping write the internal memo that you were joining the LA Times staff (back when I used to manage internal communications there). Such hoopla! Everyone was so excited to have snagged you and to start building The Times blog presence. Hard to believe it’s come to an end already.

Kudos to you for putting LAT blogs on the map. As you say, with Andrew’s help, you really rewrote the history of the newsroom.

Best of luck to you on your next adventure!


1,2,3, awwwwwww