time flies but we all look younger

One of the sweet young ladies from the Thirsty Thursday crew, Anne, who every boy had a crush on, including me, reminisced today in her Facebook

About 20 years ago, Tony Pierce says “this great new band is playing for free today, I think you should go see them.” Which I did. The lead singer was SO RUDE to the crowd that I thought to myself “They’ll never make it with an attitude like that.”

The band?

Jane’s Addiction.

Because of the wonders of video mixed with the miracle that is the Internet, this video above might be precisely the moment that Anne is referring to.

I got to meet Perry a few years ago at SXSW and asked him if he remembered how agressive he was with the young crowd and the MTV cameras trying to capture the rise of Jane’s on the beach side California college town.

The band had just done something like 7 sold out shows in a row in Hollywood and they had committed to play the free gig at UCSB.

Nothings Shocking had come out and quickly became our Houses of the Holy.

“Yes I remember that show,” Perry told me as MGMT played behind us. “I wore green boots.”