top three LA Times blogs each had more than 10 million page views last month

three and a half years ago all the blogs in total got 3 million.

no blogs had a million.

you may say oh but they were new then? yeah no. they had had blogs there for a few years before i snuck in there. good ones too.

so i said hey Lindsay almost everyone wears jeans here right? so how many people wear slacks every day at the Times?

she said, the top brass pretty much.

so i said i’ll tell you what, Imma wear slacks every day until we have two blogs that break a million.

for six months i wore slacks and if anyone asked me id tell them, im not wearing jeans till two blogs break a million.

i was very happy to finally switch to jeans.

so anyway one day i was talking about WordPress.

and i said, if you use WordPress i bet you it would sky rocket the popularity of the right blogs.

a very rich woman who i never met jumped out of the shadows and asked did someone say bet?

i said i bet you that in one year a blog that is now doing 1 million will do 10 million

and one that is doing zero million will do 10 million

if i put them on WordPress.

the gentlewoman said i will bet you your car that you cannot do that.

i said so my car for your car? she said, you cannot have my bentley if you win

but you can have my only real van gogh.

one year later framework and hero complex each attracted over 10 million pageviews

the only two blogs at the Times on WordPress.

today i went to collect my damn sunflowers.