went to a nice party last night. they had people making tacos.

bunch of my friends were there.

they were all whattya gonna do next? you can do anything now!

what would you do if you could do anything?

run a tiki bar in maui? but then what? so what, youve helped a bunch of overweight tourists get sloshed and puke in the sand.

teach? meh.

god bless the kids, but kids should learn from a good example, and im not really a good example just yet.

be the blogger at the white house?

i think the white house has way more problems on its hands than any damn blog could help.

even one that should be the coolest, most interesting, and most powerful blog in the world.

the fascinating thing to me about president obama is as amazing of a communicator that he is

the only messages that really get through to the public are from the dullards, haters, and imbeciles.

how do you take a tour of paul revere’s home, and — never mind.

heres how you fix the white house blog.

you take it out of the hands of the white house.

make it the people’s blog. let shepard fairey be your art director.

let a wide variety of interesting people write on it every day.

have clear, easy to understand graphics and charts explaining all the main topic points of the day.

and have a more graceful way of expressing this agenda: this is a flashlight up the ass of your government.

theres only one party who could launch such a blog, the party who claims transparency.

and if you ask me theres only one party who even when in power has a ridiculously fascinating way of being misunderstood and fumbling the ball.

even when they are right. even when they are showing a touch of courage. even when they want what the country wants.

white house blogger should get paid a hundred grand a year and be given a home in isla vista

far away from dc.

he should be able to manage a small staff who can ask the white house anything and it has to respond, which isnt to say that it is all publishable or any of it publishable but wtf party of transparency.

it would have way better photo galleries of pete souza’s beautiful work than whats currently on the white house site,

and it would encourage work from unofficial sources.


i am an independent, but i have friends who are democrats and some who are republicans. i can say that each group has felt let down by the presidents that they voted for. massively let down in some cases.

real republicans did not appreciate the neo conservative overreaching overspending overtorturing bush cheney era and many democrats i talk to cant believe how ineptly their party has played almost every hand dealt to them.

wasnt it just three months ago that obama produced his birth certificate and the death of bin laden yet today he is the most unpopular he’s ever been.

this, a president that republicans feared would turn into the biggest untouchable celebrity on the planet.

instead clark kent refuses to step into the telephone booth and bust out as superman

proof that he and his party are their own worst kryptonite.

the left, just like louie in the video above, if they only grew a pair, would easily win the girl.

and have her forever and ever.

and ever.

instead they talk pretty, but refuse to really bring it.

and lose to people they’d never lose to at anything including golf.

q: how long will smart people allow themselves to lose at the most important game in life?

a: forever and ever

and ever.