whats the deal with ‘nothing in here is true’?


when i was in college i was so broke that at christmas i had no gifts for my friends so i made poetry books at the copy shop.

my poems at that time were pretty dark, and since it was christmas i didnt wanna bum anyone out so on the first page id write

nothing in here is true.

and then everyone would totally be ok with depressing poems about death and the devil and sadness and sex. right?

who cares. to me, that line as a writer extended the simple “fiction” disclaimer that novelists were afforded

and allowed me to get closer to Freedom than if i didnt have it there.

in the big picture writing a little chap book or even a novel is no biggie because few people will actually see it

however a blog is capable of getting a million eyeballs in a day.

strangers sniffing around trying to figure out how the picture relates, whats up with the spelling, the symbolism…

plus theres the relatives, and friends, and coworkers and bosses and future bosses trying to figure your crazy ass out

elmo on hollywood blvdto me “nothing in here is true” is a welcome mat saying welcome to the jungle

enter at yr own risk

i am not responsible for the judgements you choose to project

and so on.

it doesnt always work that way because i still pause before i say stuff because that cautious part of my brain will never die

but its nice to have the disclaimer up there in case you wanna write the saddest poem of your life

or tell the most epicly heroic tale of all.

thats the problem with blogs, if you write the coolest darkest mopiest emoist line and build a short tale around it

all your friends will be omg are you ok? and all you wanna say is, after writing that masterpiece: hell yeah.

and if you write something fairly braggadocios like “you will never believe who has a private jet and where we went this weekend”

people be all omg i hate you now. or omg the environment! or omg brag much?

so like figure skating out goes your sad stories and out goes your happy stories.

thus all you have left is minutiae?

maybe on your dumb blog, but not somewhere where you have the asterisk life preserver of freedom

the draino that allows the creativity to finally flow.

i still believe that writers block happens when people struggle with just allowing themselves to write exactly whats on their minds.

just write it. and if you cant write it in a public forum, fine, but write it somewhere.

i say write it on a password protected secret blog if it’s that embarrassing or personal

but for god sake write it down, not because that “secret” is so great

but because whats after that might be even better.

prettiest girl tonight told me all i want is you

thank god all mighty everything in life is true