when i say i wanna do big things, i dont mean so i can go play golf after

i mean when i talk with someone we dont just repeat stuff we’ve heard, or wait for a moment to speak

i mean something cool happens during the dance. a truth is discovered, or even a falsity that we can fix.

i want hearts to be revealed. souls. not facades.

i want the element of trust to be pushed. imma trust you so much imma tell you something good:

when i go out on a date are we just trying to not be bored, are we trying to just have permission to be animals

or are we prepared for something we’ll have difficulty tweeting about?

most people look at life as if it was a game of super mario brothers:

walk down the road, do the stuff, fight a few huge bosses,

and then free the girl at the end of the journey in the pink dress.

i think there are more secret levels than that. i think you do too.

i also think in real life that although the girl in the pink dress may need to be rescued

she may not, infact maybe shes just waiting for her hero to catch up to her.

so run, mario.