who knew conservatives loved corn dogs that much

this is texas governor rick perry at the iowa state fair this weekend.

there are two texans attempting to win the GOP nomination for president this year: congressman ron paul and gov. perry.

ron paul you may have seen in the Brüno movie where he was hit on by the Borat guy but ron paul was all get away yo.

people say ron paul is crazy, but four years ago he said a lot of this stuff was gonna happen if we keep fighting wars and being the world’s police.

some say ron paul is the godfather of the Tea Party movement b/c he’s been talking about limited and smaller government for ever.

for that some think hes crazy too.

i think hes a little crazy, but arent we all?

the answer is no. most of us, if we were running for president, probably wouldnt try to deep throat a corn dog in front of photographers.

that, to me, is super dooper crazy.

photo by IowaPolitics.com