xbi wanted an exit interview with me

i was all but i wasnt working for you.

they were like, theres a room for you at caesars, under your alias.

it was hard to resist, and they do know i love vegas, so i went but i checked in at Hooters… cuz its funny.

xbi has seriously wanted me back because no one can fly chopper one like i can. apparently. which is also funny.

i knew how serious they were when one minute i decided to take a nap at my ghetto, but perfectly fine, room next to the Hooters pool

and when I awoke, I was in a pimped out room at the Hard Rock Hotel.

the note said, dont be douche your whole life.

next to that was a valet ticket for my fast car,

some dollar bills (for tipping? who knows),

and two $100 casino chips.

as many problems that i have with the xbi, they do know me, and i gotta say i love their style.

as soon as the pinball machine hall of fame opens, im gonna play some old faves and get outta town, i told em when they called this morning.

what have you been doing? they asked. our records show you havent left the room.

reading and catching up on teen mom.

stoked bro got a job at the pizza place.

then they said real quick, so we know where your head is at before the exit interview

if you didnt return to the xbi what do you think you’ll be doing in a year?

i said im thinking about working for that medical marijuana dispensary that looks like a kfc

for like a year, and then writing a book about it.

a groan was heard and then a familiar click.