tony answers your questions of love, intrigue, and fashion sensabilities

Don Kiedik: Where do you shop? That outfit is radical.

Lucky Vegas Hawaiian shirt – Target bargain rack.
Super lucky Cubs cap – back of a truck, Santee Alley.
Knock off sunglasses – Venice Beach.
Driving Speedo – eBay.
Green Puma Clydes – Puma outlet, Palm Springs.

timmay!!!!!: paradise tower, casino tower or HRH suites? figure out the late night short cuts through the pool area? steal a bunch of hotel robes and win a bunch of $$$?

Paradise Tower, pool side – just $69 midweek.
No walking at night, only cabs and limos – didn’t you teach me that?
I find it horrible luck to steal at a casino hotel.
Like the locals, I avoid gambling when I’m in Vegas. I’ll wager $40 a night, tops, but usually half that.
I go to Vegas for the music, watersports, and wide variety of food.

photomattmills: What should I do on my birthday next tuesday?

Something memorable. Like whoa.

Doug: How hot is Ettiene IRL?

I have had the good fortune of meeting a fair share of very cool Canadian bloggers in real life over the years.

The boys are funny and  fun, the girls are beautiful and also fun.

Etienne, for some reason, was someone who i never corresponded with very much but always read (when she had a blog) and always found her interesting.

But damn, Canada. Your girl speaks 4 languages, travels the world, knows kung fu, can shape shift, and has the sharpest mind. All with a cute smile.

I’m very grateful he xbi flew her out here. Too bad she’s the boss’s daughter.

Ciavarro: I still can’t believe you bought that SS. True or false?

False. You can believe it.