Tea Party crowd cheers the idea of a 30 yr old man dying

i know i know not EVERYONE cheered when wolf blitzer asked ron paul if the hypothetical 30 year old uninsured man should die if he couldnt pay his medical bills

but more than one person did.

and i know i know, trust me, i know, Tea Party politics get ratings and hits


a) theyre not a real party

b) they represent about 10% of the nation

c) some of them cheer for all the wrong things.

i know not every television network wants to ignore this fringe group but is there a reason CNN feels that they need to bow to an unorganized organization that doesnt even have an official leader?

Libertarians have been around forever, and they’re an actual party. Can we expect a CNN Libertarian debate soon?

of course not. why? because they aren’t a fear-based group with one foot in republican politics and the other foot swollen from too much moonshine.

not that theres anything wrong with that.

anyways Jesus was once a 30-something male without health insurance, who, if the Tea Party had their way, would have been far safer in his mother’s womb

than he would be if he found himself seriously wounded without health care at 30.

best part: i bet the tea party would agree with this post.