my buddy bob was all Hurry Tone, you gotta see my Bacon Lady

so i was all hell yeah!

but then Etienne was like “i wanna see! I wanna see!”

suddenly my quick trip to Chicago has turned into a jaunt a tad more north to pick up yr girl and taker to the Windy

fortunately reliable housesitters are easy to get and they only ask for a nice Thai meal at Heartbreak Thai as compensation.

be prepared to use the bathroom after an especially fun time at said locale. Which was delicious, but, you know.

so this morn i woke up earl, finished packing, and went to my favorite breakfast spot where i noticed McDonalds was touting all these new dipping sauces but WTH – no Hot Mustard?!?! that was the only sauce i ever used! whatevs look at this crazy thing going on in Culver City:

people love the CC, i dont blame em

Encounter at LAX. is there any airport thingamabob more iconic. sigh.

St. Harry Caray making a cameo in the security line. Holy Cow! Love him.

know who else people love? Tucker Max!

are there that many douchebags who havent yet picked up his book? I see “I Hope the Sell Beer in Hell” errrrywhere. including here in the LAX gift shop.

Right next to the $2 bag of regular sized M&M’s

ok enough blawwwggin in the airport on Air France’s wifi.

caio bellas!