omg im in montreal omg and its snowing

cat soup

ok so people recycle here like its going ooooot of style.

old ladies walk their cats.

eskimos drive ford rangers

hockey is in season even when baseballs being played.

and dudes named Dominick come out from behind the hotel desk and say Tony Pierce?! and i say fuck yeah.

right now im at a roadside truck stop listening to Beyonce and eating Burger King poutine. Can life be any better?

oui! first of all the dollar sucks compared to the Canadian peso. so i have to pay like $3 for a Coke. yeah. seriously. i want Bush to come oooot of retirement and pretend to know there are weapons of mass destruction in Barrie so we can invade our neighboUrs to the north so we can get these coke prices back to the normal levels

speaking of, i paid $14 for a ham sandwich and an apple juice at the Toronto airport during my layover. the register girl laughed. she called it a payover.

on the way outta town today we found this freak snowstorm.

did you know you can drive and drink a beer in Canada? yep, but only if its in a can cuz like i said they LOVE recycling. so heres a pic of Etienne drinking a beer on a snowbank in the middle of September.

tonight and tomorrow we will be in Toronto for the film festival and for some baseball so if you are in TO to-nite, email me with the subject header of “i wanna see the blue jays vs the yankees friday night” and we can all meet up at that crazy dome and boo the bronx bombers.

from Toronto – “sorry”!!