niagara falls?! slowly i turned…

boss's daughter at the coffee house

xbi: Ok Agent, this isn’t funny any more.

tony: dude i havent been an agent in years.

xbi: Then why are you trying to marry into the agency?

tony: whoever you are you need to get this into your thick skull. first of all you need to stop contacting me, i dont work for you and never will. you’re middle class gangsters with equipment you barely know how to use.

xbi: Agent–

tony: secondly im 134 years old. and single. i like being single. nay, love it. im not getting married, and especially not to the daughter of the chief of the xbi, a man who would kill me the moment he shook my hand.

xbi: Lucho doesn’t use that technique any longer.

tony: how dare you even utter his name! thirdly, shes not even that hot, ask the anonymous commentors of the busblog.

xbi: We delivered intelligence to Hisshonor that you and the boss’s daughter were wed recently after you eluded us.

tony: and you are seriously willing to stand by that info? especially considering his current health?

xbi: Lucho is in perfect health.

tony: if you utter his name again i will personally end your ability to talk.

xbi: Regardless, he wishes to meet with you this afternoon.

tony: trust me, i know, and i will have some gifts for him.

xbi: Is that a threat?

tony: sometimes i wonder how they let morons like you in my former organization.