the randomness of images i have seen in Canada = oh lala

first lets talk about the crazy ass stuff i have seen at McDonalds here in Quebec.

the beheaded Ronald McDonalds asking for money was a petite troubling but it didnt stop me from eating francais fries

Ok, now someone asked whats a Quarter Pounder called in French. The answer….

french canadian mcdonalds

A Quart de livre, which simply means “a quarter of a pound”. yep, le boring.

Everything in the Quebec McDonalds was en Francais. Gotta say, a little annoying, but cute.

No one in France likes to eat in their cars, so the dining area was Packed!

and now a quick time out to see what the bosses daughter does with jelly packets and spare orange slices

(which is code for hurry up and finish your crepe tony im bored)

and an orange

ok people know that fast food changes as you cross borders. but mcdonalds is called mcdonalds errrywhere, right? right. but KFC is suddenly PFK in french canada. Say what???

oui! its called poulet frit kentucky. trust me, it was almost impossible to just take this picture
and not run inside and eat everything inside. including the poutine which all of canada agrees is the best of all the american fast food restaurants.

super poutine

speaking of poutine. hi! :)


the world needs more canada

i think we all agree