trust me i wanna write

canadas white house

but what am i gonna say that hasnt already been said?

the citadel

that Quebec is a hidden gem thats been around for 403 years yet no one ever talks about it and someone stole their hockey team away?


that wine and champagne are so common place that they call the small bottles of bubbly Pop and give it to their kids but the kids rock the pinot grig when noones lookin?


that the beef is so delicious that the cows fall right over in the streets and the sunshine braises it as a form of pre-heating?


that if you dont have money for your parking metres its totally d’accord to put a sticker on it as an IOU?


that the salmon is so amazing that you barely notice the cous cous, or the melt in yr mouth goat cheese hidden inside?


that to honor AC/DC the city of Quebec emblazoned lil lightning bolts on the manhole covers?


when the waiter checked my ID he noticed my birthday was approaching so he went to the Sunglasses Hut and bought me Raybans because he overheard me say that the Blues Brothers was my favorite film?


i know, i know, this is all boring for you, so if you want, take a nap, but if you wanna see more pics of yesterday, continue along… (ps theres toplessness)

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