1. Friday, September 23, 2011

    canadas xbi is called the cix – they roughed me up this morning 


    so i had to visit a canadian doctor who wouldnt ask too many questions and who could fix me in 5 minutes

    so that i could exact revenge.

    as that is my middle name.

    tony revenge busblog degrassi pierce iii

    so i went online and O M G look at frickin CANADAS HEALTH CARE, AMERICANS

    not only is errrything free, but you can see which doc is taking Friday off, which doc is busy

    and which doc only has a FIVE MINUTE WAIT!!!

    needless to say i am repaired, refreshed, they even tested me for sexual diseases (passed with flying colours, natch)

    and now i can go back ooot into the world ready to eat some poutine and see what there is to see

    so what have we learned?

    a) Obamacare isn’t NEARLY agressive enough

    b) people who talk trash about socialized medicine should seriously just jet up across the border and omg TRY IT

    c) im staying here forever