freak scene i just cant believe ya

hey guess who just won an all expense paid trip straight to yr heart?

and who got a last minute house sitter to keep an eye on the spiders from mars?

and guess who prob wont be blogging on here very much for the next few days?

and who pray tell is super dooper happy and will have ridiculous tales to share with you

and you and oh yes you? soon. as in thursday. or friday at the least

but probably thursday cuz tick tock the blogging cant stop

i have some best laid plans dont get me wrong. and you know what happens to those

but my second best laid plans are mighty good too. so beware plan b cuz omg is all i gotta say.

ok thats a lie. i have more things i gotta say.

a) i heart you like whoa

b) i know im lucky and dont deserve most of this

c) i promise to treat everything, including this freedom, with crazy respect

d) imma eat things you wish you could

i know Jesus loves me, and i was so stoked that Sunday my bible reading was one of my favorites

Daniel 1-4. the true story of Shadrah Meshach and Abedenego – aka the trio the Beasties made famous(er) in their Pauls Boutique hit “Shadrach”