its friday it must be poutine time

after i gave the cix some reverse psychology to the groin i skipped merrily down Jack Layton blvd to a truck claiming to be the Best poutine, so i had to check it oooot for my breakfast slash lunch

for some reason i wasnt expecting nice asian people to serve me the ‘tine but hi there they were.

men and ladies were ordering poutine with hot dogs or poutine a la carte.

but one thing i liked was they offered Coke or Pepsi.

the man told me “coke is for Ontarians and Pepsi is for the Quebecois”

Best Poutine was pretty good, super melty cheese and very very fast service.

but the best part about the experience?

when we walked into the bank where i was to make a “withdrawal” i noticed that i was at a Butt Stop

i couldnt stop LOLing, butt i did long enough to pose for this photographe

ok now to walk around and say hi to the london bridges which keep falling down

cuz fergie etc.