just got done eating a beaver tail in ottowa, no big deal

they kicked us out of kingston for being too loud and not feeding the ducks so we drove up through the forest to canadas capital city ottowa.

even though it was only a few hours away we first stopped off in belleville to check out the walmart to see if it was any different from the ones in the states, and strangely the Exact same people you’d see at the walmart in the usa you run into at the walmart in canada.

pretty amazing.

we bought some bananas and a couple of $5 dvds of films the boss’s daughter hadn’t seen (pulp fiction, caddyshack, the knights tale).

even though most hotels have wifi, its usually not strong enough to stream Netflix or Amazon so youre better off saving yourself some frustration and just buying cheapie dvds and popping them in when you get bored.

we havent been very bored but i Had to show this worldly but cinematically-sheltered young lady some of America’s finest exports. today we watched a few minutes of Caddyshack before someone from canadas parliment rang us up and said we should meet them at The Beaver Tail at Byward Market.

because my mind is in the gutter i thought it was a tad inappropriate to make a first impression via a rendezvous with an elected official at an adult establishment but i went with the flow, cuz who knows, maybe thats how they roll in Canada.

turned out the Beaver Tail is a place where they sell piping hot long, wide donut type pastries that actually look like a beaver’s tail and theyre topped with chocolate or maple syrup or a variety of delicious sweet things.

we had lemon and brown sugar on ours and it was warm and mmmmm. they even had cute little bottles of coke to wash them down with which was quite the pickmeup at 10pm, which lead beautifully into a late sushi supper.

that establishment was called Kinki which was on the ground floor of a four story building. on the upper floors was a gay bar. next door was a strip club. a block away was the American Embassy and a few blocks away from that was Parliment.

and i was told that Montreal was wild.

Kinki was pretty good. the salmon was devine and the outside deck was perfectly heated so we could see the happy people come and go down York street.

btw its amazing how much french people speak to each other here.

the market area is much bigger than any nightlife bar and restaurant area in LA and it stays up much later than almost anywhere in the states. 10pm was no big deal for many of the dining stops and the locals were not at all interested in calling it a night that early.

i felt quite at home.

tomorrow i believe im scheduled to meet the queen, if shes lucky, so ill have to bid adieu a little earlier than id like to. so bonne nuit.