ladies and gentlemen, kfc poutine

there are people who ask (somewhat impolitely) “why would you go to canada to eat fast food poutine?”

as Bud Dry once asked “why ask why”?

but srsly, i love fast food, i love canada, i love french fries, i love gravy and i love cheese

thus fast food poutine is a gift from Jah.

i also love to see what the differences are between American fast food and Foreign fast food.

whats interesting about KFC poutine is its not a dish they feel comfortable serving on its own

the only way we could get it in Belleville was to get a Value Meal and pay $2 extra

as Etienne says “to poutinize the fries”

so how was it? pretty good!

KFC fries are mediocre unless they double deep fry the extra wide fries

those are not the fries we got last night

we got the skinny generic fries but with KFC chicken gravy and chunky cheese curds.

which went very well with our chicken.

and because it was also a Taco Bell i ordered a hard taco to keep it real.

here we are in Kingston one step ahead of the xbi at the best Residence Inn evar right on the lake and we about to jet somewhere else, so fellas enjoy digging through our garbage

make sure to lick the bowl