lowercase carmen says thumbs down to chris brown

one of the nice things aboot canada is all the canadians.

yr girl lowercase carmen works in a fancy part of town pretty close to where our hotel was and was nice enough to ride her bicyclette over and have lunch with me.

we went to the same sushi place on Queens street that i ate at last time i was here – Sushi Time.

i guess i tipped pretty well last time cuz they named this delicious sushi sampler after me. which of course we ordered.

carmen is doing great. she has a cool apt in the cool part of town and has great tales to tell of biking around PEI and traveling to mexico with her wilderness man.

it was very nice to catch up with her and her hair is sooooo long and pretty.

afterwards i walked through jack layton square where i once ice skated. and i looked up to the sky and said whaddup g. and drank an orange crush outta respect.

a voice said ‘go thee to the blue jays game and party rock’ so we took a cab and the bosses daughter wore a yankees jacket and i was all i better not drink too much cuz i may have to defend her honour.

luckilly the jays fans are chill, they didnt even boo when CC threw to first several times to keep Lind close to the bag.

jays won in the bottom of 9th and these cute little boys hugged each other and much merriment was had.

we walked back to the marriot where we (and the bronx bombers) were staying and it was a brisk but nice walk. i dont walk as much as i should.

heres one thing i dont understand about SkyDome – why have sweet potato fries but not poutine?

did we see the mayor at the game?