mcdonalds poutine, a love story

mcdonalds poutine

i have the strangest stomach. it can predict the future.

but for it to work properly it needs to be fed with a steady diet of fast food.

trust me, id rather eat fruits, nuts, vegetables and wholesome nutrients, but my stomach is a freaky organ (or is it a muscle – who knows).

magnets, how do they work?

anyway a few days back i found myself in a mcdonalds in hamilton, ontario, a place i may return to for lunch or linner later today.

one thing i love to do when traveling to foreign lands is investigate fast food establishments and see how their menus differ from those i am accustomed to.

south of montreal i discovered Burger King poutine and it basically changed my life.

apparently, much like bacon wrapped hot dogs and taco truck tacos, the cheaper the poutine situation, the better the taste.

thus what better than fast food poutine.

for those Americans who havent had the pleasure, poutine is a bed of french fries garnished with a tangy gravy and cheese curds.

mcdonalds poutine

who has better fries than McDonalds? no one, duh. thus while the BK poutine was fantastic, the McDonalds poutine was just a smidge better because of the fries.

not sure why but my McDonalds guy in Hamilton went the extra step of putting the poutine in the oven for a quick minute so that the cheese was extra melty much like a piping hot pizza.

each forkful greeted us with a long string of gooey hot cheese. i had to twirl it around my plastic fork like spaghetti.

i was in heaven.

and although my tongue was deeply in love, my tummy reacted poorly almost immediately which meant that there was trouble ahead.

so we high tailed it to the rent-a-car and got out of there

right as the unmarked xbi van entered the parking lot.