not to look a gift horse in the mouth but come on

when you have customers who have paid between $100-$250 a month for 12 years for


content that for decades came into homes FOR FREE

and you want to say thank you to said customer

instead of telling him that he can have 3 months of something that he couldnt care less about

how about if you really love him and really want to thank him for his


and timely payments

and you want to give him something free for a few months

how about giving him something nice like the NFL Sunday Ticket

or Showtime

for free for three months?

something he would actually


and tell everyone yo Directv has its act together.

how about that next time?

cuz whatever you want to give me for free, GSN Game Lounge?

it’s horrible.

it’s nothing people think about or want to think about when they consider your product.

back in bible times when the people would sacrifice some of their crop or herd

they didnt pick the crappy looking fruit, or diseased cows

no they gave the Lord the good stuff.

the best 10%.

give your best customers the best.

then see what happens.