1. Wednesday, September 28, 2011

    one place the xbi wont follow you is to a church 

    st annes

    little known fact.


    so we went to the weirdest, biggest craziest church we could find.

    technically the xbi isnt supposed to snoop around in canada, but if its to track down one of their dudes, the cix allows it

    im just a shadow

    but what i am trying to impress on the cix is im not an xbi dude, im just me, a shadow, a tourist

    someone trying to convince the world that skateboarding is not a crime



    but all they say is, then why are you hiding at the coolest church in town?

    and im all what a black man cant like taking pictures of fountains?


    and they said, if we believed that, then we’d believe Faith could truly heal