ottawa was pretty awesome but quebec city may have taken l’poutine


thanks to priceline dot com the boss’s daughter and i ended up in some mighty swanky hotel rooms at about 50% of what most people paid.

the bad part was the website wasnt always intuitive or quick.

no matter, look at the crappy view we got at the hilton in quebec city!

for those of you who havent been yet, thats quebec’s parliament, which is french for “pretty mcdonalds”.

because im never satisfied, heres what i didnt like about the Hilton

fuckers didnt have wifi so you were stuck with a too-short ethernet cord that barely made it to the foot of the bed

on top of that the connection wasnt even very fast And the cord kept disconnecting.

i know i know, first world problems.

etienne hiding from the authorities

you know who had it figured out though? our friends from singapore who just brought the whole crew down to the lobby where wifi was free and the couches were superbe.

this morning we had eggs and bacon and club sandwiches in the crazy mini mall beneath the building.

but the best was the night before when we had the most romantico italiano dinnero in the walled olde city where this dude sang all the best guitaro songs and we dined on pasta and sipped on ginger ale just like real italians.

it was sad to leave the crazy capital but it was nice to be on the road again.

unfortunately the countryside of quebec smelled like wide open derrier