these kids are ten years older, i hope theyre ok

9/11 was a horrible, freaky, sad, terrible day. easily the strangest day of my life.

in many ways it helped launch blogging, bloggers, and the concept of decentralizing how news is spread.

what i remember about 10 years ago is how insatiable we were to find any new information

i was locked into tv, radio, and the few million blogs that were out there.

my blog posts on 9/11 were scattered and angry and bitter and vengeful,

but a few days later i put together a photo essay that was less hysterical and reactionary

focused on the kids i was afraid we’d kill if we went to war.

Dear Kids of Afghanistan spread like crazy and catapulted the busblog and put this url on the map.

not at all the way id ever want popularity.

9/11 helped launch countless war blogs, political blogs, and personal blogs. strangely, it unified people online.

it would take months to divide us into left and right, red and blue.

but for a little while we were all americans.

and with this photo essay i wanted to remind us that we are all humans

and  we’re all kids at heart.

i hope you like it.

just click the pictures.