1. Friday, September 16, 2011

    TO > MTL > TO 

    ok so i flew from LAX and had a layover in TO where i paid $14 for a sandwich and an apple juice.

    Good thing i collected that $50 thanks to the Bank Error in my Favor. ha!

    then ended up in Montreal where we stayed at the Regency in olde Montreal which was fantastic


    no, not like most things ERRRRY THING

    thankfully some things had pictures for ugly americans like moi

    one thing i loved about MTL and even TO where we arrived last night, is they still have phone booths. Lucky you, Superman

    last night we dined at the Lakeview diner on Dundas. super great. we had a shot of Jameson (it was on sale!) and a midnite mimosa and poutine and a sandwich.

    they were playing Stevie Ray Vaughn.

    didnt get to sleep till 3am cuz i have this weird jet lag.

    tonight i get to have lunch with lowercase Carmen and then its baseball at the Dome but Pitt thought i ment we’d see baseball tomorrow (no!) so we’ll see if anyone comes.

    bonne appitite!