today is my mommas birthday, shes 27

born to a canadian man from cuba and a razor sharp african american from pittsburgh my mom soon moved to georgia where things were safe for black folks.

this was during the mlk days where all black people were given 40 acres, a mule, and lessons on how to make soul food.

they were also given gibson guitars and marshall amplifiers

and cadillacs.

and busblogging boys named tony.

i love my mom so much its cray cray.

she has put up with so much over the years and she just keeps smiling.

other day she texted me saying please call home

she was believing the things she was reading about the xbi and she was all please dont rejoin them. she was like i know its tempting, i know they have good benefits, i know they’ll pay you a lot.


which is weird cuz she loves when i have nice benefits and fat paychecks, but ultimately she just wants me to be safe and happy.

as you know im not a spring chicken any more. and unlike most moms, my mom has never pressured me to have kids or a house or even get a toupee.

she loves me for who i am and respects my decisions and supports them.

thats all any child could want. and because of that i will give her anything she wants in return.

so for this, her 27th birthday, i sent her some niagra falls fudge in the mail.

love you momma!!!